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Waiting For Another Century Swell in the Ments

A new swell is hitting the Indonesia coastline tomorrow, rumour is it could be even bigger than 2013’s century swell. The excitement around the Indo surf community cannot be contained. We’ve received a spontaneous story from the crew at the Mentawai Surf Camp and will be sharing the stoke as it goes.

(Written by Trev & the crew of Mentawai Surf Camp)

Surf Mentawai
Mentawai Surf Camp’s crew in its playground – Photo by Diego Angel

10-15 Feet Swell Forecast 

The endless swell train that is about to light the Indonesia archipelago into a state of pumping waves is like no other we have ever seen.

From tomorrow onwards, non-stop storms will be tracking under South Africa towards Western Australia, firing endless long-period swells into the Indonesia swell window.

“No-Kanduis, is set to fire with endless sections of 500 meters plus and triple spitting kegs”

The swell is a good angle to feed into all west and south facing reefs here in the Mentawais, with light and variable winds to top it off. The jewel of the Mentawai, No-Kanduis, is set to fire with endless sections of 500 meters plus and triple spitting kegs. It’s a wave that can make or break even the most serious surfers on its day.

Mentawai Surf Camp
Throwing airs at E Bay, Mentawai – Photo by Diego Angel

Historic swell to live with your crew

The likes of E-bay, which is the Mentawais version of Padang Padang, should see two or three days of absolutely epic conditions before the swells hook to south. The four or more swells marching towards Indonesia has the world’s surfing population glued to the maps. Keep an eye on the many nooks and crannies firing at every angle, you just need to know when to pull the trigger and where. It’s safe to say the likes of No-Kanduis will see a couple of days of absolutely mind-melting conditions in the 8 to 10 foot range and perfect winds with clear skies.

Mentawai Surf Camp
Bank Vaults, Mentawai – Photo by Diego Angel

Let’s just say this is truly living up to its hype. We wil see the swell only a day away from showing her teeth for the first time tomorrow, which will last for weeks… get ya quiver ready – you’re going to need it!

About Mentawai Surf Camp

Specialised into boat missions, Mentawai Surf Camp has the advantage to be located at the heart of the Mentawais’ playground. Surrounded by over 20 spots of ‘Indonesian perfection’, the experienced crew always know where and when to go for a combination of epic waves and less crowded spots in the Ments. More information, here!

Mentawai Surf Camp
View of E-Bay from the sky – Photo by Diego Angel

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