How We Coach Surfing

Our surf coaching retreats are unique. It can be copied and we know we have inspired others in creating similar surf trips though the combination of skills and tools we share in our retreats would be hard to equal.

On most of our surf trips, we are 3 crew members. One surf-coach, and two multi-skilled persons with skills ranging from filming, shooting in the water, yoga and meditation teachers.

We Coach Surfing for Intermediate to Advanced Surfers

We are passionate about coaching surfing to surfers who are committed and with a strong desire to learn. All we ask for is that you are independent in catching waves on your own as there will be nobody to push you in the waves.

To us an intermediate surfer is a surfer that can catch waves on his own and trim on the face of the wave. An advanced surfer already knows how to perform maneuvers and wants to improve his flow, power and technique. See more information here on “What level surfer am I ?“.

Coach Surfing by Indo Surf Crew


Power Surf Techniques

All of our surf coaching retreats involve a lot of practice on land, which is why we don’t do many boat trips as we would miss some important parts of the training.

During our intermediate to advanced surf coaching trips, we practice the Power Surf techniques with Rodrigo Machado. Power Surf is a land based practice inspired from yoga, ginastica natural and martial art in which we perform surf techniques. It basically breaks down all of the body movement pro surfers do when surfing.

Through this practice, we create muscle memory and bring awareness to the part of the body that should be engaged while performing surf maneuvers.

Additionally, we use the Smoothstar skate trainers to repeat those movements before surfing.

The usual day on our surf coaching in Indonesia starts with a Power Surf morning routine followed by a surf and a session of video analysis. In the afternoons, we practice some skating and go back in the water to practice and integrate all of the new learnt tricks.



The mental game – Mindfulness and surfing

A lot of the time, what prevents us from surfing better is our mind. How to transcend those limiting beliefs?

The first step is to bring awareness to those negative thoughts.

During our surf coaching retreats, we also practice mindfulness meditation to learn how to bring awareness to our thoughts of everyday life. Uriel, who founded Indo Surf Crew and hosted all of those trips is a mindfulness meditation facilitator. While Rodrigo, having the experience of coaching top surfers for over 20 years has some tools to support and help remove those limiting beliefs – in the water and out of the water.


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