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Indo Super Swell #2 – Through The Lens Of …

Now recalled as the Happy Monday of Indonesia, 6 of June 2017 will remain in the minds of those who were up there sharing the stoke in the water.

Nic Von Rupp charging in Kandui
Nic Von Rupp charging in Kandui – shot by Hambalkó Bálint

A 10ft swell @20secs hit the coastline of Indo on 5th June, unexpected off shore winds made it even more memorable the next day, just to remind us that we are in the midst of an epic Indo season.

 Padang Padang
Classic Padang Padang by Marco Winkler
Padang Padang Bali
Padang Padang was busy! Photo by Marco Winkler

While most of the show happened in Padang Padang, Bali or Kandui, Mentawai – we have received photos and video edits from all over Indo, here’s just a short collection!

Through the lens of.

Re-live those moments through the lens of most talented photographers and videographers who made that day history through their visual work.

Desert Point by Diogo d'Orey
Golden hour at Desert Point by Diogo d’Orey – In Water We Trust Photography


BEST SHOTS, through the lens of…

Desert Point Diogo D'Orey
Leandro Kesse deep into the Desert Point machine, through the lens of Diogo D’Orey – In Water We Trust Photography
Desert Point by Diogo D'Orey
“Water Womb”, Desert Point by Diogo D’Orey – In Water We Trust Photography

Check out Diogo’s latest edit “Growing Up” – in Desert Point.

T-Land, Rote
T-Land, Rote by Adit Frans aka wageadit (IG)
  • Hambalkó Bálint, Kandui, Mentawai
Kandui Black and White
A session that’ll remain historic, shot by Hambalkó Bálint

Padang Padang
Padang Padang by Boris Belousov

Stay tuned for the next Swell Episode!

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