• ✓ Surf Coaching with Rodrigo Machado
  • ✓ Use of SmoothStar Surf Trainers
  • ✓ No to Low Crowd - Facing The Wave
  • ✓ Food From The Garden and From The Sea
  • ✓ Eco Conscious and Responsible Resort

Nusa Tenggara Timor – SECRET Spot

9-Days of Empty Waves and Surf Coaching @ Secret Location

- East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia -

  • March 13 - 22, 2024

    Booked X

  • November 4 - 12, 2024

    Spots Left: 2

  • March 17 - 25, 2025

    Spots Left: 8

Secret Location in East Nusa Tenggara
8-Waves Within 30-Minutes Boat Ride
Easy Access From Bali (1-hour flight + 2-hours drive)

Nestled atop a hill at one of Indonesia's most picturesque location, this off-the-grid eco resort faces a right-hander world-class wave. It is one of the most consistent wave in the area, barreling on the right tides and swells, and playful on higher tides. It suits intermediate and advanced surfers.

The place was built by Nihiwatu's ex surf-guide who lived in the area for 20-years and knows all the waves and hidden gems in the East Nusa Tenggara region. He has insisted to not give any further details on the location, it can't be found on Google map either. It has been promoted only through word-of-mouth until today.

The variety and quality of the waves found in this area is impressive. We may also surf by ourselves on a daily basis.

This surfing program is designed for:


Intermediate +

You're hooked. You know how to take off, duck dive, turn & paddle confidently. You want to improve your surf techniques. You are fit enough to spend 4 hours in the water and push the limits on steeper takeoffs. You may have been surfing for years but not enough to progress. You feel stuck and want to step up your game.

The listed surf level is the suggested experience level for this retreat.

If you are not sure if this retreat is the right one for you, please fill out the form below with a note, or simply contact us.

What’s on the program? Surf Coaching & More.

  • STAY 9-Nights at an off-the-grid retreat, nestled atop a hill overlooking the ocean.
  • EAT delicious meals prepared from the permaculture garden or from the sea. (Vegetarian / Pescetarian menu)
  • SURF a variety of waves. Up to 8 waves are accessible within 30-minutes via speed boat.
  • BE TAUGHT by World-Class instructors and improve your surfing with professional surf coaching and body therapy through yoga and other practices.
  • BREATHE during an initiation to breath-work techniques
  • MEDITATE as we guide you through some practices to feel more harmonious with your mind in and out of the water.
  • CONNECT with inspiring and like minded people.
  • BRING BACK professional photography of yourself surfing
  • EXPLORE the island’s surrounding and dive into a pristine waterfall. (optional)

The Waves in East Nusa Tenggara – What is the surf like in March / November?

You will experience one of the least explored coastline of Indonesia. A lack of road accesses and accommodations have kept the crowd away. Though, there are as many quality waves as in Bali, both rights and lefts that awake with different kind of winds and swells. There is always an option, for all kind of levels, from beginners to pros alike.

Both March and November are a prime time to surf this area as trade winds will have stopped. It will be either glassy or caressed by very slight winds. Most of the spots don’t need much swell to work. We expect the average day to be around 4-5 foot, though we did enjoy 8 footer waves during our past retreat there.

Some of the waves we got on our past retreat – March 2023:

Sumba Surf Retreat
The wave out-front the retreat, our go-to for glassy mornings

Surf Retreat Indonesia
Last lights out-front the retreat – Nov.19

Sumba Surf Retreat
Wave out-front the retreat – Photo Credit Tommy Schultz

Sumba Surf Retreat
Wave out-front the retreat – Photo Credit Tommy Schultz

Sumba Surf Retreat
Waves out-front the retreat – Photo Credit Uriel Triguel

Sumba Surf Retreat
Waves out-front the retreat – Photo Credit Tommy Schultz

Sumba Surf Retreat
10-Mins away from the retreat – Photo Credit Tommy Schultz

Sumba Surf Retreat
10-Mins away from the retreat – Photo Credit Tommy Schultz

    NEW – Improve your Surf Techniques on SmoothStar Surf Trainers

    We’ve recently incorporated the use of the SmoothStar surf trainers in our surf coaching programs and it has been a game changer for everyone that has practiced on it. It is now part of all our retreats (except on boat charters).

    After practicing Power Surf techniques on land, you will be guided into repeating those movements on the SmoothStar surf trainers. Through a step by step course taught by Rodrigo Machado, you will learn how to perform advanced manoeuvres in a very short time. It is not needed to have any prior experience with skating. Three workshops with the SmoothStar surf trainers will be taught over the 9-days retreat.

    Find out more about SmoothStar surf trainer here.

    Bottom Turn with Smoothstar Surf Trainers
    Bottom Turn with SmoothStar Surf Trainers – Step 1

    Bottom Turn with Smoothstar Surf Trainers
    Bottom Turn with SmoothStar Surf Trainers – 2

    Bottom Turn with Smoothstar Surf Trainers
    Bottom Turn with SmoothStar Surf Trainers – 3

    Bottom Turn with Smoothstar Surf Trainers
    Bottom Turn with SmoothStar Surf Trainers – 4

      Typical schedule on our 9-days surf coaching retreats

      Expect to wake up before sunrise for a quick warm up, to surf twice a day, to practice land based training daily on the skates, and to have a short meditation / breath work session daily to reset. Finally restorative yoga to recover those sore muscles will be provided every evenings. It is all optional and if you feel your body asks for a rest, remember to listen.

      We plan our days around the tides to surf the best surf windows while checking in with other surf resorts in the area to make sure we don’t surf all at the same time.

      Surf coaching retreat
      Breathwork and meditation in the yoga shala overlooking the wave
      Reserve Your Spot!

      The Crew

      • Rodrigo Machado – Surf Coach and Founder of the Power Surf Training

        Mentawai Surf Retreat

        Rodrigo is a Brazilian surfer and founder of the POWER SURF method. Throughout his 25-years of surfing experience, he has deepened his teachings in the art of ‘Surf Hacks’ throughout 4 major pillars that are Physical, Technical, Tactical and Psychological. The POWER SURF is born from his practices of yoga and self-knowledge, the art of breathing and meditating, natural gymnastic and capoeira acrobatic movements. Rodrigo teaches surfers looking to perform better from intermediate to advanced levels of surfing. The POWER SURF method is now practiced internationally supporting thousands of surf athletes in achieving their full potential.

      • Uriel – Ocean Film-Maker

        Uriel Jean Armel

        Uriel started surfing in the French Basque country where he was born 33 years ago. Traveling with the bare minimum to stay stoked (a camera, surfboard, and yoga mat), he has spent the past 7 years “chasing waves and light” in Indonesia. His mission is to protect the Oceans and encourage conscious behaviors on our planet through creativity and art. He designs surfing journeys for every surfer, from beginner to advanced, the way he knows it best: around pure spots in beautiful nature, weaving the practice of surfing with his passion for self-connection, meditation, and yoga. And, when waves are pumping, he will be swimming out there with his camera, making sure to get the shots. Uriel has also started a new surf documentary series called Surfers Dharma, featuring water people and surfers who are committed to sharing their gifts with the World by living their purpose.

      Join Our Crew!


      Secret Location in East Nusa Tenggara

      - Stay in open-air bamboo bungalows and villa atop a hill.
      - Picturesque location, ocean view facing the surf spot.
      - Shared Room between 2 to 3 persons. Private Room can be requested.
      - Infinity Pool, 24 meter solar powered and salt water chlorinated accessible over a 60 meter cable bridge spanning 20 meters above the forest below.
      -Speed Boat, 12-meter long and twin 175 horsepower aluminum

      Surf Coaching Retreat
      Sumba Surf Retreat
      Sumba Surf Retreat
      Sumba Surf Retreat
      Sumba Surf Retreat
      Sumba Surf
      Sumba Surf Retreat
      Sumba Surf Retreat
      Sumba Surf Retreat
      Sumba Surf Retreat
      Sumba Surf Retreat
      Sumba Surf Retreat
      Sumba Surf Retreat
      Sumba Surf Retreat
      Sumba Surf Retreat
      Sumba Surf
      Sumba Surf Retreat
      Sumba Surf Retreat
        Secure Your Space
        November 2024 March 2025
         8-nights surf coaching retreat:  US$ 4550 Early bird (until 30-June 2024): US$ 4290
        8-nights surf coaching retreat :  US$ 4550

         A 50% non-refundable deposit is due to save your spot. Full payment 60-days before the starting date of the retreat.

        What’s included ?
        • 9 nights accommodation
        • 3 delicious nutritive meals a day, from the garden or from the sea (Vegetarian / Pescatarian menu)
        • Healthy snacks and smoothies throughout the day
        • Daily yoga sessions
        • Daily classes of Power Surf
        • Video Analysis & Surf Photography (all photos of your trip)
        • Local Surf guide knowledge and Boat rides to surf spots
        What's not included?
        • Flight tickets
        • Day trip to waterfall is optional and costs an extra 80 US$ per person
        • Day trip to waves further than an hour away costs 120 US$ / person.  (Unlikely to happen as we planned our dates around the tides of nearby spots.)
        • Travel Insurance
        • Alcoholic Beverages
        Dates & Itinerary

        The arrival destination is just an-hour flight away from Bali’s International airport. Two-hours drive later, you’ll be arriving at the retreat.

        We will of course help you plan your trip and recommend best flight options.

        Have questions? Ask us we are happy to help!

        February 2019 during the traditional celebration of ‘Bau Nyale’ – Photo Credit Uriel Triguel

        Interested in joining our East Nusa Tenggara Surf Retreat?

        Limited Space, Reserve Your Spot Now!

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        Age & Nationality
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        Tell us about your surfing. How many years of surfing? Challenges encountered? What would you like to improve and gain from this training? Do you practice yoga?
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        Which dates are you interested in?
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        Things to know and pack for the retreat

        Malaria is still present in this part of Indonesia – One should consider taking a malaria prophylactic, we recommend Malarone or something similar. There are also good herbal preventatives that can be chewed daily on site for prevention if desired(very bitter though). This being said, long sleeves during sunrise and sunset times combined to mosquito repellant can be enough to keep the mosquitoes away.

        Suggested Packing List

        Of course this list will vary dramatically from person to person we feel this list offers a pretty good start.

        • Headlamp is a must. Preferably one with a “Red” option as well. As well as spare -or preferably- rechargeable batteries for it.
        • Travel insurance is highly recommended, preferably one with a “medi-vac” option
        • Sunblock, physical sun blocks preferred to chemical ones. We like Soleo, or Surf Yogis brand. SPF 40 plus recommended
        • Hat or visor
        • Sunglasses
        • Reusable water bottle-hydro flask, nalgene, etc…something you can fill at the retreat and take on adventures
        • Unlocked device for Internet connection over cellular network if desired- must be UNLOCKED and open for use by any internet provider, currently we will only get signal from Telkomsel provider, other SIMs won’t work. All sizes of SIM cards are available in Indonesia and can be bought locally or arranged at the retreat.
        • ATM is available in town an hour away, not much to buy out there but you may find swords, textiles, beads, or the like that make good souvenirs. Good idea to bring a few million rupiah cash so you’re covered, there are safes in the rooms for cash, valuables, documents, and devices though this is a very safe place. Any charges incurred at the resort are best settled with cash on checkout.
        • Beach towel/sarong if desired- we provide regular towels in the rooms
        • Solid sandals (thongs if your Aussies), not the 2 dollar kind. These can be used to go most anywhere, but for those of you planning on doing serious adventuring you will want to bring running shoes.
        • All toiletries- very little available on the island
        • A first aid kit, all scratches, scrapes, blisters, wounds need special attention here. Things get infected in the tropics quickly if not looked after. Should include but not limited to betadine, bandaids, gauze pads, antibiotic powder (better than ointments in the heat), a course of antibiotics for Bali belly or related sickness, and a course of antibiotics for flesh wounds, always better to be overly prepared than not have what you need
        • Any prescription or regular medicines you may require, ,also Benadryl topical and/or oral is highly recommended for individuals that may have allergic reactions to mozzy or sandfly bites
        • Light long-sleeve shirts and long pants for nights. The months June-August are mildly chilly and we’d recommend a little something warm for those months. Especially if you plan on dawn patrol boat trips which happen often.
        • Spring or long sleeve rashy for protection from the reef and long hours in the water. Surf leggings or full body lycra “stinger” suits are suitable as well if you find yourself susceptible to aquatic life like sea-lice
        • Reef walking shoes/surf booties for tidepool adventures on the low tides, these are generally not needed for surfing though. There are several pairs available at the retreat if you have a “normal” foot size.
        • Boogie board/body surf fins and lycra socks with surf tethers if you like that sort of thing. Da Fin brand are generally the professional standard
        • Electricity is supplied during daytime hours only 7 am- 9 pm, it’s 220 volts and Indonesian sockets, we have adapters here for your use
        • Multitool- Gerber or Leatherman type recommended, may come in handy
        • Mask and Fins for snorkeling if you’re really seriously into it and have ones that you like
        • Compact umbrella for full sun activities, would be a luxury
        • Rehydration packets to be mixed with water, emergen-c, liquimins, or the like
        • Light clothes, average temperature 75-90 degrees
        • Light rain jacket, while not likely to receive much rain during your trip, this may come in handy, optional if trying to pack light, depends on time of year you plan on visiting-March and April/October and November have the possibility of some rain.
        • Wet wipes, like baby wipes for cleaning your hands and faces during outings and travels
        • Water clothes, board shorts, bikinis, rash guards, and the like
        • Print out of all travel documents including passport
        • Bug spray of preference,
        • Prescription glasses if you require as well as a back up pair.

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