Expand your body & mind awareness through surfing

Made for surfers with a desire to achieve the full potential and capacity of their body and mind, to ultimately,Β surf better and expand your limits.

The aim of ourΒ surf coaching retreatsΒ is for each participants to discover new ways of preparing themselves to surf and make of it a new habit in their daily surf routine.

You will learn: Surf Techniques, Breathing Exercises, Yoga and Free Body Movement, Video Coaching, Practice on SmoothStar surf trainers (skateboards), Mindfulness Practice.

Indo Surf Crew Ethics

  • We work with socially responsible surf-resorts.
  • We support local communities and local environmental associations.
  • We cultivate personal growth throughout our surf coaching retreats.

Our Surf Retreats

What is Your Surfing Level?

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All Levels

Never surfed? Gnarliest tube rider around? These experiences are designed to provide value for everyone.



You've never surfed or surfed less than 30-days, you want to learn how to surf green waves, ride sideways and gain more confidence in the water.



You are comfortable catching waves. You are testing your limits by trying new surf spots and boards. You are starting to get comfortable duck-diving but haven't fully mastered it. You can angle your surfboard on takeoff and catch waves sideways, you can trim down the wave but still struggle to make a proper turn.


Intermediate +

You're hooked. You know how to take off, duck dive, turn & paddle confidently. You want to improve your surf techniques. You are fit enough to spend 4 hours in the water and push the limits on steeper takeoffs. You may have been surfing for years but not enough to progress. You feel stuck and want to step up your game.



You've been surfing consistently for years. You have an eye for good swells & occasionally find barrels and can throw spray after a snap. You want to deepen your surf techniques and find more flow and power. You are ready to push your surfing to the next level.

The listed surf level is the suggested experience level.

If you are not sure if a retreat is right for you, please fill out the retreat form with a note, or simply contact us.

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