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Online Surf Coaching EP. 2 – Surf Movements Coordination (English, Spanish, Portuguese)

'Power Surf' Classes by Rodrigo Machado. In Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Greetings from Bali and from Brasil, simultaneously, as we present you the 2nd episode on how to improve your surfing at home.  In this second episode, you will learn”:

1 – The Monkey Position and how to bring awareness to your surf movements

(Jump to 14.45 mins in English & 12.00 in Spanish)

2 – How to coordinate upper & lower body through a Power Surf Warm Up

(Jump to 38.30 mins in English & 30.30 in Spanish)

3 – At the end of the class, you will also find some restorative stretches & breathing exercices.

Update: Watch here in English 30-minutes of warm up and techniques by Rodrigo Machado (Ep1 + Ep2)

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Indo Surf Crew

Indo Surf Crew was first born in the year 2018 as a surf photo & video content creative project while the first surf coaching trip organised by Uriel & Rodrigo happened in 2019 on an island off Sumatra. Since then, they have been running surf coaching retreats for all levels and mostly specialise in surf coaching for intermediate to advanced surfers. Surfing Consciously is our motto. To us it means, bringing awareness to our body, thoughts and interactions – in and out of the water. We take pride in working with eco surf resorts that are acting responsibly in preserving Indonesia’s nature, supporting and educating local communities. Indo Surf Crew was founded by Uriel Jean Armel, a French surfer and film-maker who has taken roots in Indonesia. You can read more about Uriel here, on an interview with Magicseaweed & here during an interview with the Surfing copywriter. As for Rodrigo, he was the first surf coach to join Uriel in his adventure and he’s the founder of the Power Surf techniques – a method that is now practiced internationally to train surf athletes from all over. Power Surf is a land based practice that combines ginastica natural, yoga, capoeira and martial arts, breaking town the fundamental surf techniques through a series of exercises. It also involves video analysis a skate practice for optimal result, which we do during our surf coaching trips.

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