• ✓ Surf Coaching with Rodrigo Machado
  • ✓ Land Practice with SmoothStar skateboards
  • ✓ Yoga, Mindfulness & Breathing Techniques
  • ✓ Small & Personal - 6 People MAX

Surf Coaching Retreat in West Sumbawa

Surf Coaching - Video Analysis - Practice on SmoothStar Surf Trainers - Power Surf Techniques - Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness

- West Sumbawa, Indonesia -

  • November 3 - 10, 2022

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A week long of Surf Coaching in Indo waves at a prime time of the year.
Power Surf techniques taught from intermediate to advanced surfers.
Restorative Yoga and Massages.

This is an exciting time of the year to be in Indonesia, more especially in Sumbawa. The late Indo season has the reputation to surprise with clean swells, light winds, offering plenty of options to surf. The region of West Sumbawa has an incredible variety of waves on offer that work with any swell size.

Over this one week of surf coaching with Rodrigo Machado, you will not only improve your surfing but leave with a new set of skills that you can use for your whole surfing life. Major improvements will be achieved during those 7-days and this will change for ever the way you surf.

This surfing program is designed for:



You're hooked on surfing. You know how to take off, turn & paddle confidently. You want to improve your basic surf maneuvers and learn advanced maneuvers. You're fit enough to spend up to 4 hours in the water. You may have been surfing for years but not enough to progress and want to improve.

What to expect during this retreat?

You will live epic times with like minded people all joining with the same goal to improve their surfing. You will unlock movements and create body awareness as you practice the ‘Power Surf’ techniques taught by Rodrigo Machado. After your second or third sessions, you will already start to notice improvements. By the end of the retreat, you will be able to bring back home a new set of skills that will keep on making you surf better.

Our daily schedule combines 2 surf sessions a day, to power surf techniques supported by video analysis. Yoga classes are adapted to the rhythm of the retreat and aims at restoring sore muscles while bringing more mobility and awareness to your body. Days are pretty full and when the waves are ‘good to epic’, it can happen that we spend 4 to 6-hours in the water a day.

A combination of Power Surf Techniques, Yoga, Mindfulness practice on SmoothStar Surf Trainers.

Waves in Sumbawa in November

Being based right beside the waves of Yo-yos (right hander reef break) and Tropical (left hander reef break), those waves will be our go-to. They both offer the perfect shape of waves to practice surf manoeuvres, turns, snaps and occasionally barrels.

And, if the swell gets bigger, we will still have the whole coastline of Sumbawa available to us, it could bring us to the bays of Super Sucks and Scar Reef or to the waves up north of dirty hippies. This time of the year cannot disappoint and we will be scoring prime quality waves on a daily basis.




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    The Crew

    • Rodrigo Machado – Surf Coach and Founder of the Power Surf Training

      Mentawai Surf Retreat

      Rodrigo is a Brazilian surfer and founder of the POWER SURF method. Throughout his 25-years of surfing experience, he has deepened his teachings in the art of ‘Surf Hacks’ throughout 4 major pillars that are Physical, Technical, Tactical and Psychological. The POWER SURF is born from his practices of yoga and self-knowledge, the art of breathing and meditating, natural gymnastic and capoeira acrobatic movements. Rodrigo teaches surfers looking to perform better from intermediate to advanced levels of surfing. The POWER SURF method is now practiced internationally supporting thousands of surf athletes in achieving their full potential.

    • Uriel – Ocean Film-Maker

      Uriel Jean Armel

      Uriel started surfing in the French Basque country where he was born 33 years ago. Traveling with the bare minimum to stay stoked (a camera, surfboard, and yoga mat), he has spent the past 7 years “chasing waves and light” in Indonesia. His mission is to protect the Oceans and encourage conscious behaviors on our planet through creativity and art. He designs surfing journeys for every surfer, from beginner to advanced, the way he knows it best: around pure spots in beautiful nature, weaving the practice of surfing with his passion for self-connection, meditation, and yoga. And, when waves are pumping, he will be swimming out there with his camera, making sure to get the shots. Uriel has also started a new surf documentary series called Surfers Dharma, featuring water people and surfers who are committed to sharing their gifts with the World by living their purpose.

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    Nestled in between Ocean and Mountains, discover the magic of glamping with the most secluded and majestic beach in Sekonkgang at your doorsteps.
    Kirana is a brand new retreat featuring cosy and private glamping tents with dedicated bathrooms. The retreat is close to the wave of Yo-Yos (10-mins walk) and has it's own restaurant proposing a delicious cuisine all day long (vegetarian, vegan and pescetarian available).

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      What’s included 
      • 7 nights accommodation 
      • 3 delicious nutritive meals a day 
      • Daily Surf Coaching & Video Analysis
      • Daily classes of Power Surf
      • Surf training on the SmoothStar Surf Trainers
      • Introduction to Mindfulness practice
      • Daily Yoga Classes
      • Professional Surf Photography
      • Your transportation from Lombok to Sumbawa (return)
      What’s not included 
      • Travel costs to and from Lombok
      • Alcoholic Beverages
      • Travel insurance
      Early Bird (until 15-September 2022) Regular Ticket
      November 2022 with Rodrigo Machado – POWER SURF Sold out US$ 2400
      How to get to Sumbawa? 

      First of all, you will have to fly to Lombok. This will be our meeting point. We will be picking you up at Lombok airport and have a private speedboat to bring you on the island of Sumbawa.

      There are direct flights to Lombok from Bali, and international flights from Kuala Lumpur.

      Recommended Itinerary

      On the 3rd of November, from Bali to Lombok, with Wings Air, departing at 7.30AM
      On the 10th of November, from Lombok to Bali, with Citilink, departing at 2.40PM



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